Square or Round….which do you prefer?

Hands down, round wedding cakes are by far the most popular choice for couples today.  But what about a square wedding cake? 

Square wedding cakes have gained in popularity over the last few years. The couple who chooses a square cake may have a myriad of reasons for doing so. Maybe they just want something a little different. Or maybe a particular design feature that they have chosen works better with a square cake, such as a monogram. Perhaps the couple has a lovely
old cake stand to feature, and it just so happens to be square in shape. Whatever reason, square cakes, whether separated by columns, or stacked with tiers directly on top of one another, emphasize the couple’s attention to detail. Round cakes are the default; square cakes must be requested, and for that reason, seem just a little more special.

Some other things to consider when choosing the shape of your wedding cake…

1.  Servings per tier – a square cake will yield more servings than a round cake.  For this reason they are usually more expensive than round.

2.  The cake design – a soft, florally look may suit a round shape and a more structured, modern design may look best with a square shape.

3.  Cutting and serving – If you are having a friend or family member cut your cake, a square cake will be easier to cut and serve!

4.  Traditional vs. Modern? Consider the overall ‘look’ of your wedding to help you decide on a shape.

Now, which do you prefer?