The following tips will help you order the perfect cake from Dreamy Cakes with ease!

If you have a kid’s birthday coming up and you would like to order the perfect birthday cake here is a couple of tips that will help you order the perfect cake for the birthday girl or boy!

1. Select the date you need the cake for.  This sounds kind of obvious but the date you need to pick up the cake might not be the date of the actual party.  For example, if you are

Party in the local park

planning an early morning party at the park and need to get there at the ‘crack of dawn’ to grab the best table and set up the balloons and streamers, you’ll need to collect your cake the day before the party.  Consider also if you have to travel to a certain location for the party (maybe the beach, or an indoor play centre), or maybe you don’t have a lot of party ‘helpers’, make it easier on yourself and order the cake for pickup the day before.

The cake order date is also important because certain times of the year are more popular than others and therefore book out more quickly.  Once you have picked the party date make sure you call as early as possible to get your order in so you don’t miss out!

2.  Decide on the amount of servings you will need.  At most birthday parties the cake is the centerpiece of the party and definitely not the only food on offer so there is no need to over-cater in size for the cake.  Factor in a small cake slice for all of the party-goers and the adults and that will be more than enough.  When booking your cake let us know how many servings you need so we can determine the best size cake for you when you order.

3.  Pick a theme for the party and the cake.   Character cakes are by far the most popular of all cakes and party themes.  You can also choose one of the more traditional theme such as Princesses, Pirates, Under the Sea or Farmyard party.  If you’re

pirate birthday party

Pirate Parties are a popular party theme

having trouble picking a theme why not go for a colour scheme – bright red and blues or soft pinks and greens for example and the cake can then match the colours chosen.

4.  Decide on a cake budget – and tell us how much you would like to spend!

When you order a birthday cake from Dreamy Cakes if you simply give us a price range you have in mind for a cake we can show you designs WITHIN your budget.  At Dreamy Cakes we

order the perfect birthday cake

Sprinkles cakes are a budget friendly option

can cater to almost any budget you have.  Whether you would like a smaller budget conscious cake design or a huge celebration party centerpiece we can show you cake designs to suit.

Here’s a quick summary of information to let Dreamy Cakes know when ordering the perfect birthday cake:

1. Select the date you want to pickup the cake 

2. Decide on the amount of cake servings

3. Work out a cake and party theme

4.  Let us know your cake budget

At Dreamy Cakes we specialise in making awesome kid’s cakes.  I hope these tips will give you a few ideas on how to order the perfect birthday cake for your child.  If you would like to talk to us about ordering a cake please give us a call on 0405 136 562 or email us: