Organising your child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a huge chore!  Follow these 6 easy steps and get ready to party….

1.  Pick a theme with your child. The choices in party themes really are endless.  If your child is old enough he or she might want a character (Sponge Bob, or Pokemon) or a pirate party, fairy princess party, etc.Write down all your child’s ideas on a sheet of paper, from theme to decorations, so you don’t forget.  If your child is too young to choose a theme – get ideas from the party invitations, a favourite toy – monkey or teddy bear or simply choose a ‘colour’ as the theme.

2. Get invitations. Check your calendar to make sure you’re not scheduling the party at the same time as your child’s soccer game, piano lessons or a major holiday. Write down the name of each guest invited, so you know how many chairs, how much food, goody bags, etc. that you will need.

3. Buy decorations. If you go to a party store, they will have everything you need and you won’t have to go to five different stores for all your supplies. At the party store, they even have goody bags, and toys to put in them.  If you are on a budget try the $2 shops – you’ll be amazed at the variety some stores have!  The other option is to shop online – either buy from an online party store or purchase party items from ebay.

4.  Plan some games. These are almost mandatory for children’s parties, but you can substitute craft projects, or renting a jumping castle or a clown. Or try cupcake/cookie decorating to keep them out of mischief.  Another option is to go to a toy library and rent some outdoor toys – the kids will entertain themselves.

5.  Plan the party food. Most importantly, you’ll need to decide on a cake! Make sure to get your order in as early as possible.viagra onlineDecide what kind of food to have – some suggestions are pizzas, finger sandwiches, cheerios; or you can make large orders with a fast food restaurant for chicken nuggets or burgers or, of course, from a catering company. If weather permits and you have a willing BBQ chef, kids (and adults) love a sausage sizzle. Don’t forget the trimmings!

6. Plan the party drinks. You could have canned soft drinks, lemonade, punch, juice, etc. Plus lots of cold water!!

Don’t forget to recharge the camera and have a great party!