Your gorgeous little one is about to turn 1 and it’s time to celebrate!  But how can you have a wonderful and memorable celebration and avoid a 1st birthday meltdown? Here’s a couple of tips which helped me to plan my little guy’s special day:

The time of the party.  What time are you planning to schedule the party?  Try to plan around YOUR child (not the guests)!  If your child has (and needs) a long sleep around lunchtime you may find it better to schedule the party earlier in the day.  Try to pick a time when you child is well rested and alert so they can enjoy some of the celebrations.

Plan age appropriate activities.  Scary clowns, loud music, noisy activities all can frighten small babies.  Instead of the traditional noisy party games, plan some low key things that your baby will enjoy – quieter singing and clapping to familiar nursery rhymes will keep your baby happy and smiling for the camera.

Take some of the pressure off – there is no shame in having the food catered for, or ordering a special cake.  You’ll be glad you did when you have plenty of time to spend with your child on the day instead of worrying about the food or entertainment.

Hoot and Elmo number 1 shaped cake

Keep it short.  Try to have a starting time and ending time on the invites so people know when it’s time to ‘hit the road’.  I would suggest 1.5 – 2 hours maximum.  This is enough time for baby to see their relatives and friends and enjoy some of the activity without it becoming overwhelming.

Take photos…early!  Of course your little one will not remember their 1st birthday but they will love looking at all the photos when they are old enough.  Make sure you take plenty of photos early while the birthday boy or girl is in a happy mood and hasn’t become overwhelmed.  Your photographs will become your memories and I’m sure you’ll cherish them for years to come.

Opening Presents. 
 Don’t expect baby to sit longer than a couple of minutes opening the presents.  Choose a couple for them to rip the paper and then leave it at that.  You can enjoy opening the presents later and be sure to send thank you cards.

Although your baby is not going to remember his or her first birthday party,it is an important milestone that warrants a special celebration.  The celebration is as important for you as parents and for all of those friends and family members who will be present in your child’s life for many years to come.  The most important thing to remember is relax and have some fun…before you know it they’ll be in high school!!

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