Hootabelle Cake – 3D kid’s birthday cake

This 3D Hootabelle Cake was made for a 2nd birthday.  In case you are not familiar Hootabelle is a character from the popular ABC4Kids show Giggle and Hoot.

Here is how the Hootabelle cake started out.  Layers of butter cake were stacked together and supported by a dowel in the middle to create stability:

Hootabelle Cake before

Next the cake layers were carved into shaped (mmmm I wonder what happened to all those cake scraps?):

Hootabelle cake carved

This is the finished cake carved before the buttercream:

Hootabelle cake carved

The next step is to ice the cake in a creamy layer of delicious buttercream…yum!  We only use REAL New Zealand butter in our buttercream – you will taste the difference!

hootabelle cake buttercream

The buttercream is smoothed over and then it’s time for the fondant.  Fondant is a type of sugar dough which can be moulded into any shape and coloured.  It is a great medium to use and makes the cake surface super smooth.

I am really pleased how the cake turned out  – what do you think?

Hootabelle cake

“Hoot Hoot”

Side view:  The Hootabelle Cake was placed on a bright blue cake board with the birthday girl’s name written in fondant letters:

Hootabelle Cake side

Hootabelle Cake collage

Here at Dreamy Cakes we specialise in making children’s cakes – we can also make cupcakes to match your cake and party theme.

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