Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s amazing how many children have food allergies these days, my own included. He has a bit of a weird allergy though – an allergy to raw egg white! He can still eat cooked eggs no problem but he can’t come into contact with raw egg whites (or even the egg shell) or he develops a nasty rash and localized swelling. This makes it so tricky for us to bake together (what kid doesn’t love cracking the eggs into the bowl – right? and licking the bowl?) as the majority of recipes call for eggs. I was so happy when I came across the original recipe from

I have converted the original recipe to grams to make it easier and tweaked it here and there. It’s a basic recipe that kids will enjoy making and it is a good one to have on hand in case you have found yourself with no eggs! And it’s a great item to put on your party menu at your next celebration.

Here is a slide show of the recipe:

I hope you give them a try because they turned out really delicious – my little boy was so happy he could finally “lick the bowl”. Print the recipe card here:

Keep an eye out for more recipes coming soon.