Dinosaur Cakes

plus 5 ideas for your next Dinosaur Party!

Dinosaur cakes and parties are a popular theme for boys parties.  We’ve got some fun dinosaur cakes for you to get some inspiration:

1. Dinosaur Cakes

dinosaur cakes<

This gorgeous 3D dinosaur cake (above) can be made in any colour to suit your party theme.  It is a really cute design for a young child and can be made to suit a girl or boy.

The dinosaur cake below was created to match the birthday child’s favorite dinosaur toy.

dinosaur cakes

2. Dinosaur Cookies

Add some matching cookie pops to your Dinosaur party table….we can match the colour to the cake and party theme.

Cookie pops also make a great take home gift for your little party guests, or add them to the dinosaur loot bags.

3. Dinosaur cupcakes

No dinosaur party would be complete without matching dinosaur cupcakes!

If you are not a fan of fondant you will love this chocolate cake complete with 2D dinosaur.

chocolate cake

Number cake like our number 2 dinosaur cake below can be made in any age!

dinosaur cakes

We can also make a Giggleosaurus cake form TV show Giggle and Hoot:

dinosaur cake

4. Dinosaur Party – ideas for the loot bags!

What to put in the loot bags:


coloring crayons or pencils

party blowout

dinosaur bubbles

mini dinosaur toys

dinosaur stamps

5. Dinosaur party invitations

Here are some of our favourites:

We hope that has given you some inspiration for your next dinosaur party!

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