Here’s a little sneak peak behind the scenes here at Dreamy Cakes…….a typical week in my kitchen….

Lots of delicious butter and mud cakes come out of my kitchen oven each week in a variety of flavours.  Our most popular flavours are chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. Can’t beat the smell of cakes baking!

Fondant covered and buttercream covered cakes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fondant can be coloured virtually any colour.

Make the sugarpaste pieces – these are usually made ahead of time to allow drying.  This week we’ve got lots of differents pieces including sugar people, owls, flowers, wired stars and a sugar race car. Sugarpaste is a type of edible dough that dries firm and can be moulded into any shape.

Decorate – my favourite part is standing back and looking at the finished product!

Box ’em up – all boxed and ready for parties.

Dreamy Cakes can make lots of different cake designs – whatever your theme we can create it for you.  Give us a call 0405 136 562 or email