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My name is Robyn – I am the baker and decorator behind Dreamy Cakes.  Cake decorating and baking are my absolute passion! Here is a little insight into my business, Dreamy Cakes….

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Who is Dreamy Cakes?

Dreamy Cakes is a Brisbane based, custom cake business. We specialise in children’s birthday cakes and cupcakes.

How did you get into cake design?

A few years ago I did a very basic cake decorating course for an hour a week over 6 weeks. After that I was completely hooked. My first ‘big’ cake was a 3 tier cake I made for my own wedding.

What makes Dreamy Cakes unique?

Dreamy Cakes is based from my home kitchen in Salisbury, on Brisbane’s southside.  When you order from us you are truely getting a home baked product!

And more importantly, the business is a Brisbane City Council licensed food business, which means we operate under strict health regulations and are regulary audited.  We currently hold the highest (5 star) rating for health and safety under the Eat Safe program.

What is your favourite kind of cake to make and what is your favourite celebration?

Children’s birthday cakes are my most favourite cake to make.  I just LOVE the look on the child’s (and parents) face when they see their cake for the first time!

My favourite celebration would have to be 1st birthdays.  There is nothing more special.

What advice do you have for planning a child’s birthday party?
  1. Write everything down!  There are heaps of free checklists online – use them to help you plan your party so you don’t forget all the little details.
  2. Enlist some help.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Enlist the help of family or friends and delegate some tasks so you can enjoy the party too!
What are the current trends in children’s cakes and parties?

Current trends for kid’s parties is definitely dessert tables. It’s no longer just about the cake – it’s about matching cookies, cupcakes, cake pops & chocolates to your party theme!
Character cakes are also super popular! From Bob the Builder, Giggle & Hoot to Tinkerbelle. Most kid’s have a favourite television character they adore.

What has been your most memorable cake to date?

Definitely my son’s first birthday cake.  I had an ‘under the sea’ theme and created a 2 tier cake complete with an octopus on the top.  I still have pictures of that cake in my gallery and I have taken many orders for the same design.  People seem to love that irresistible octopus!

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