Planning a wedding means making endless decisions – bridesmaids dresses, table settings, suit hire, flowers and the wedding cake!

With so many options available for your wedding cake it can be quite confusing.  Here, we will explore three advantages of choosing a Cupcake Tower over a more traditional tiered cake.

1. Cupcakes are easy to serve. Have a friend or family member serve the cupcakes, or even have the guests serve themselves. Some reception venues charge extra for cutting and serving a wedding cake, with a cupcake tower this extra expense can be avoided. A cost saving for your budget and stress-free cake serving. 

2. Cupcakes are easier to transport. Most traditional wedding cakes have many different layers that are boxed separately and then put together at the wedding reception by the cake designer.  Cupcakes however, are generally boxed side by side and the boxes are full, leaving little room for the cupcakes to slide and get ruined. This has the advantage of saving you money by collecting the cupcakes yourself or a friend and assembling the tower at the reception with minimal fuss.

3. The final advantage of a cupcake tower is – the individual serving.Atacand onlineEach guest is served a beautifully decorated piece of cake that can be consumed at the venue as part of the dessert or packaged up in boxes and taken home.

Consider these advantages to having a cupcake tower for your special cialis They’re beautiful, elegant, delicious, fun and appreciated by brides and guests alike!  There are many options available to tailor a cupcake tower to your individual needs.  I will discuss these in future posts.

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Now, did someone say ‘cupcake’?